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Although the main reason people join Lions Clubs is to provide service, there are also several leadership and personal/professional growth opportunities which are offered. Without a doubt, the training available at the Club, District, Multiple District and International level are among the top in quality, providing the opportunity to find and develop your talents, strengths and abilities at reasonable to no costs.


USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum

This international forum offers several

concurrent breakout sessions throughout

the 3 day course. It offers the chance to

interact with Lions throughout the

United States and Canada as well as

hear inspirational speakers.

The benefits of attending this forum

cannot be matched as to the ability to

interact with a wider diversity of Lions,

go to breakout sessions of your choice as

well as  providing an inspiring experience.

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Lions University

As a Lions Club leader, you understand that building strong communities through volunteer service is our objective.  The Lions University program is about making sure that you have the skills and resources to meet this objective. Through three educational program levels, Lions Leaders will enhance their knowledge and skills to better serve their community. 


California Lions Leadership Opportunities

The California Lions Clubs sponsor 2 multi-day events, one in Northern California and one in Southern California. The training is jam packed with modules on topics like public speaking, conflict resolution and strategic planning as well as several team building activities. Cost to attend is very reasonable includes a 2 night hotel stay with meals provided. Please keep an eye on the California Lions Clubs webpage,, for details


District & Regional Leadership Opportunities


District training is provided to District Officers including Region and Zone Chairs as well as to Club Officers. Past training sessions have included modules on conflict resolution and effective communication.

A Lion who is stepping into a new role as Club Officer, also receives substantial support, whether it be a Club level resource of a seasoned Lion within the Club or an expert Club Officer within the District as well as assistance by Zone Chairs, Region Chairs or District GAT coordinators.


Club level leadership opportunities:

The Club level has many opportunities for development, offering a safe and supportive environment. The ability to network with other citizens and professionals creates the opportunity to learn more about what is offered in your community as well as how your Lions Club is serving its’ needs. A majority of Clubs offer orientation to help newer members get acquainted with the purposes, goals and culture of the Lions.

At this level, the ability to develop or hone leadership skills can

take place from being able to be “taken under a wing” of a

mentor or seasoned Lion in the role of Co-chair of a service

activity, with ability to move into the Chairperson role in the following year with a better handle on the task. Other

leadership role can be found in Club Officer roles, including Club Director, Secretary, Treasurer, 2nd and 1st Vice President and President. In addition of support and potential mentor-ship of past Club Officers in these positions, training by and assistance of District level Officers including Zone Chairs, Region Chairs, and members of the District Global Action Team

(GAT) members is provided. There are also seasoned Club Officers within the District who are happy to provide help.


Lions Clubs International Training

Training at the International level offers the chance to interact with even greater variety of Lions as well as the possibility of visiting the LCI headquarters in Oak Brook, which is often used as a training site. There are two levels offered:

Emerging Lions Leadership Institute

E.L.L.I. is designed for Lions wishing to develop their leadership skills at the Club level who have not yet been Club President to develop their Leadership skills.


Advanced Lions Leadership Institute 

A.L.L.I. is designed for Lions at the District level, who have been Club President, but not yet been a 1st Vice District Governor. For both institutes, attendance is limited, with needing to complete an application form, which is then reviewed by LCI staff to be accepted to participate in the associated Lions Leadership Institute. Once accepted, the Lion is responsible to pay for the attendance fee, which includes cost of hotel and meals for the multi-day training, as well as cost of travel. In some cases, your Lions Club or the District may be able to help offset part of the expenses.


"What I've got to lice up to, is being myself.

If I do that, the rest will take care of itself."

-Ray Charles

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