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For more than 40 years, the Lions District 4-C1 Humanitarian Foundation has brought stability and independence to individuals and communities through humanitarian service.


The Humanitarian Foundation focuses on providing assistance for individuals and clubs to purchase equipment, conserve sight, support youth, provide resources to improve our communities. It is through the efforts of Lions and the economic impact of the Humanitarian Foundation that District 4-C1 has made the biggest impact in our communities. 

Applying for monetary support through the Humanitarian Foundation is easy. Just click the button below to download the application and fill it out! Once you have submitted the request, the Board of Directors for the Humanitarian Foundation will review the request and vote for approval. Once approved the club will be notified of the next steps.


Please consider becoming a member of the Lions Humanitarian Foundation  of District 4-C1. Your contribution will ensure that youth in Northern California have the support they need to succeed. You will have the confidence knowing that your dollars stay in the North State and help your kids and the community you live in to become a better place.

humanitarian foundation


Click the button below to download the

4-C1 Lions Club Humanitarian Foundation

donation Form

Make checks payable to 

District 4-C1 Humanitarian Foundation

Your donation is tax deductible under Tax ID # 95-3527334

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