District Governor 4-C1 2019-2020 Elisa Cloyle

District Governor Cabinet


District Governor

Lion Tyler Spencer

1st Vice District Governor

Lion Karen Crooke

Lions Club District Secretary Melanie Hunter
District Governor Elisa Cloyle

District Secretary

Lion Melanie Hunter

Immediate Past District Governor

Lion Elisa Coyle

District Treasurer

Lion Mike Ferrier

District Chaplan

Lion Karen Marceau

Region Chairperson Team

North American Membership Initiative Champion

NAMI Chamopion 

PDG Dave Marceau


Lassen Region Chair

PDG Lion Dave Marceau


Shastsa Region Chair

PDG Lion Steve Robeson


North Butte Region Chair

Lion Bob Griffith


South Butte Region Chair

PDG Lion Paul Halcomb

Global Action Team (GAT)

Global Membership Team (GMT)

PDG Lion Maggie Robeson

Global Leadership Team (GLT)

PDG Lion Jamie Hart

Global Service Team (GST)

PDG Marianne Keesee

"We could never learn to be brave and patient,

if there were only joy in the world"

-Helen Keller

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